Robert Kolosowski is a lifelong resident of Richmond Hill and a patriotic Canadian. He has lived in the City of Richmond Hill for most of his life and currently lives there with his family. Robert is passionate about solving problems and making his community a better place to live in for its residents.

          Robert's educational background is in business management and economics. He has worked for one of Canada's largest banks in business systems analysis and previously worked for the Ontario government. He is also the founder and developer of the Canadian Vote Quiz website.

           As part of these positions and others, Robert has overseen six-figure budgets and inspired teams of employees to work toward positive goals. 


Robert has previously worked in business systems analysis at the head office of one of Canada's largest banks.

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Proud resident of Richmond Hill.


Dealt with education issues while working in the public sector.


Meeting with Ontario's Minister of Education to discuss ways to improve our schools.


Volunteering in several YRDSB and YCDSB schools.

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Meeting with parents and stakeholders from all levels of government to speak about issues in our education system.


Organizing petitions with parents on important education-related issues.

          Robert has always had a strong passion for education. He is motivated by finding ways to fix the flaws that are currently present in our education system so that the next generation of Canadians is better equipped to take on the challenges of the future.

         Robert has volunteered in both YRDSB and YCDSB schools and has been involved with various parents' groups. He has created several petitions to reform YRDSB policies and has personally spoken to Members of Provincial Parliament, including the Minister of Education in order to push for better education policies as well as to thank the government for positive steps that it has taken.

          During his spare time, Robert spends time with his family, researches on the internet and stays active by cycling, jogging and playing sports.

         Over the past decade Robert has spent an average of ten hours per week volunteering in our community. He has volunteered as an economics tutor, wildlife tracker, sports coach, school volunteer and non-profit fundraiser.

         As a YRDSB graduate and volunteer, Robert has gained first-hand knowledge of the problems that students, parents and teachers face within the school board. Now Robert is ready to take his activism to the next level, by running for trustee this October.

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Robert's favourite place in our community is Lake Wilcox.


Volunteering as a wildlife tracker to protect our environment.


Exploring Ontario's beautiful scenery.