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          The legal spending limit for this campaign will be approximately $50,000. If we want to win, we need to get as close to this goal as possible. If we all do our part, we can reach the goal. If 100 people visit this page and chip in $500 each, we will reach our goal. Robert has started us off by making a $1,200 donation to the campaign.

Our campaign will need to cover the costs of running a campaign, including advertising, printing literature, postage costs, signs, auditing and much more.

To donate please:

  • Make a payment through either:

    • An e-transfer to:

    • Contact us by email and write a cheque payable to: Robert Kolosowski's campaign​​

Eligibility to donate:

  • Individual (not a corporation or an organization)

  • Resident of Ontario

Contribution limits:

  • Maximum: $1,200 (The Municipal Elections Act, 1996 limits the amount one individual can donate to municipal and school board candidates to $1,200 per year.)

  • Minimum: $200 (Due to costs associated with accounting, auditing and banking, it would not be beneficial to the campaign or the donor if we processed smaller donations.)  

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